The papaya, also known as pawpaw or mamao, is the fruit of the tree Carica papaya. Originally papaya is from southern Mexico, Central America and northern South America.

The fruit is pear-shaped with a yellow thin peel and soft and juicy orange flesh. In the middle of the fruit is a hollow space in shape of a star filled with black seeds.

The papaya is now cultivated in most tropical countries. In cultivation, it grows rapidly, fruiting within three years. It is, however, highly frost-sensitive, limiting its production to tropical climates.

Papaya is rich in beta-carotene, calcium, fiber and Vitamin C.


Packing information:

By air:

Golden: 144 boxes of 3,5 kg

Formosa: 99 boxes of 4,5 kg

Minimum order: 2 pallets

Origin of our Papaya

Our papayas come from Brazil.